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Welcome to Wheloon!

The party is brought together by a good ol’ goblin attack. They summarily defeat them, and their crazed shaman leader, who had been trying to raise an ogre leader to raise genocide.

The party is chartered by Lady Moonfire, Wheloon’s leader. She asks them to investigate the disappearance of two dock hands. They do so, saving the dock hands, and smoking out a local slave trader who had been part of (of course) at the local Thayan Enclave.

The party investigates an apparent “protection” gig: a handful of mysterious characters appear to be shaking down local store-owners. After an initial unsuccessful attempt to stalk these characters, they eventually track them down to a cave off of the local river. Here they find that they appear to be dominating individuals before sending them on boats to a hideout in the woods. They acquire a map and head out.

On the way to this hideout they encounter a tribe of lizard men. The lizard men notify them of a local dragon (named Dispayr) that is turning lizardmen undead. They battle with them against a rival tribe of undead lizard men, winning their loyalty. They make it to the hideout, where they battle a giant humanoid crocodile, as well as a half-dragon. They uncover what appears to be a portal into the shadowfell. Oh, and Sedona gets biblical with the lizard tribe leader and his lady.

They enter the portal head and find some lizard folk being tortured. They free them. The lizardfolk tell them about others who have been taken captive, and the group resolves to save them as well.

The party heads down a path and finds a keep of some sort. They battle some undead lizard men and free some un-undead ones. They quickly dispatch of a naga.

At the top of the keep, they meet the mask god. He informs them he is aligned against Cyric and Shar’s shenanigans, and that he has unlocked every door in the keep.

The party verifies that Mask has done so, searching the keep thoroughly. They battle a handful of Shadow-priests and other shadowy characters. They sense the battle with Dispayr is coming…

Main Page

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