Something is Lurking

Into the swamps

Whilst venturing toward the destination pointed to on their newly acquired map, the crew happen upon a human and gnome pair. Always the cautious and wise one, Sedona suggests they creep up behind the couple to gauge their intentions. Sedona and Gnomeo hear the odd pair, Nori Waywicker and Cubert Worthington, discussing their lost goods. They crew offers to help them retrieve their goods from a site of ruins.

The crew are surprise-attacked immediately upon entering the ruins. The attackers are a handful of small, goblin-like creatures and one bigger villain. The team, except Leto, makes short work of these foes. Afterward Nori and Cubert empty a couple of chests of some very valuable items including the sorcerer’s stone, and they repay the crew with some small bills. Nori and Cubert depart, and the sage-level wisdom of the team detects nothing awry.

Sedona’s crew leave with her in the lead, as usual, to head to their destination. As they enter the swamp, they find a large tree decorated with skulls. Sedona’s keen eye notices that the skulls have a pattern: older skulls are from humanoids, while newer skulls are from (stereotypically) more evil and chaotic creatures. Perhaps at some point in the not-too-distant past a benevolent band of creatures took over this land and cleared it of its nuisances.

And just then, this band of creatures appears before the crew: they are lizardfolk, and they outnumber the gang by quite a few. Without a common language to share, Milo has to resort to mildly sexual interpretive dance. Luckily, his jerky hip movements and suggestive hand/facial gesticulations prove to be convincing, or at least entertaining, to the lizardfolk, who signal for the crew to follow them deeper into the forest.

They meet the Chief Shaman, who fluently speaks common, and when asked if he’s a foe, says, “nah man.” He explains that they have been battling a group of undead lizardfolk, controlled by a black dragon, whom are called the “shadow scales.” Just then, a group of shadow scales ambushes the group. Milo dives into the crowd and delivers a righteous thunder-shocker, and the team cleans up what is left.


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