Something is Lurking

Into the swamps

Whilst venturing toward the destination pointed to on their newly acquired map, the crew happen upon a human and gnome pair. Always the cautious and wise one, Sedona suggests they creep up behind the couple to gauge their intentions. Sedona and Gnomeo hear the odd pair, Nori Waywicker and Cubert Worthington, discussing their lost goods. They crew offers to help them retrieve their goods from a site of ruins.

The crew are surprise-attacked immediately upon entering the ruins. The attackers are a handful of small, goblin-like creatures and one bigger villain. The team, except Leto, makes short work of these foes. Afterward Nori and Cubert empty a couple of chests of some very valuable items including the sorcerer’s stone, and they repay the crew with some small bills. Nori and Cubert depart, and the sage-level wisdom of the team detects nothing awry.

Sedona’s crew leave with her in the lead, as usual, to head to their destination. As they enter the swamp, they find a large tree decorated with skulls. Sedona’s keen eye notices that the skulls have a pattern: older skulls are from humanoids, while newer skulls are from (stereotypically) more evil and chaotic creatures. Perhaps at some point in the not-too-distant past a benevolent band of creatures took over this land and cleared it of its nuisances.

And just then, this band of creatures appears before the crew: they are lizardfolk, and they outnumber the gang by quite a few. Without a common language to share, Milo has to resort to mildly sexual interpretive dance. Luckily, his jerky hip movements and suggestive hand/facial gesticulations prove to be convincing, or at least entertaining, to the lizardfolk, who signal for the crew to follow them deeper into the forest.

They meet the Chief Shaman, who fluently speaks common, and when asked if he’s a foe, says, “nah man.” He explains that they have been battling a group of undead lizardfolk, controlled by a black dragon, whom are called the “shadow scales.” Just then, a group of shadow scales ambushes the group. Milo dives into the crowd and delivers a righteous thunder-shocker, and the team cleans up what is left.

The Witch, the Lumberjacks and a Sticky Mess!
Brought to you by the Letter Q and the number 4

The team was game to follow Leto’s curiosity and found themselves nearly caught in a web of chaos! While the initial 2 day journey to some local elvish ruins was largely uneventful, starting with a brusque interaction on Day 2 with a less than friendly lumberjack the team suddenly found themselves headed down a dangerous path…

Routing the resident ettercap and his herd of eight-legged friends, our intrepid heroes encountered a distraught druid seeking assistance. The druid (seemingly) was assaulted by a trio of bandits and robbed of the passkey to the ruins. Keen detectives that they are, our non-human quartet quickly found the suspects and, in a burst of wisdom, chose to question them rather than follow the druid’s exhortations to preemptively attack.

Upon the gentlest of inquiry the leader of the interlopers reported no contact with the druid and were messengers from a nearby authority. The druid promptly disappeared only to reemerge as a wicked hag! Not only wise and keen but also savvy warriors, our heroes quickly triumphed over the vile beast and ended her reign of terror.

Having obtained the key from her rotting corpse the team recovered some fine equipment but did not find much within the ruins themselves. The threat quelled, the monsters quashed, the Quartet of Questors ate some quinoa and quarreled the whole way home.

Pig Bombs and Alchemy Jugs

A few weeks had gone by since the hero’s heroic rescue of Elon and Talf, which the adventurers spent quietly working about town. After noticing a shady character meeting with Marsh Laval, they discovered that the innkeeper and many other merchants around town were being forced to pay protection money to a group of criminals. Our heroes decided to use a two pronged approach to root out these dastardly thieves: Sedona and Leto would watch for the shady character and try to follow him, Orsik and Milo would keep watch on one of the stores that had refused to pay.

That night Sedona and Leto camped out waiting for the shady guy, but something spooked him and he disappeared before they could do anything. At the same time a group of thugs attacked Milo and Orsik, who bravely defended the general store. With Milo and Orsik about to be overwhelmed, Sedona and Leto arrived, and after a torrent of fire from Leto the remaining thugs surrendered. Milo charmed one thug and got him to share the whereabouts of the thieves hideout, and that they work for The Lady of Shadows.

After turning the thugs over to Lady Moonfire, and securing a consulting gig as to create a local police force, our heroes proceeded to the docks to gather information, and then to the criminal’s hideout. After considering various pig-bomb related strategies, the group decided on a stealthy approach. They found a trapdoor in the warehouse, and Orsik blundered his way into a pit of acid, setting off an alarm in the process. They continued on, following a tunnel to hidden dock with a small room off of it. When Orsik walked (blundered) into the room, four Shadows appeared and the party gloriously overcame them in combat. In the room they found some ledgers and an Alchemy Jug.

The color of ambition

A few days after solving the goblin infestation, our heroes were summoned to Lady Moonfire’s estate. The lady introduced them to Milo, a halfling bard looking for one of the town’s dock worker, Elon. This dock-hand, along with a friend, named Talf, apparently disappeared and have not been seen for a day. Lady Moonfire tasked the group with investigating their disappearance with Milo tagging along.

After investigating the docks and the missing dock-hands homes, the group found a clue at the Green Tankard, Talf and Elon left the town by the West gate in the company of a long haired woman. Following the tracks through a small wood, our heroes found the remains of a camp were tracks changed. One set going back towards the town’s red wizard enclave and the others being replaced by those of a wagon going west.

The adventurers soon caught up to the wagon were they found Elon and Talf drugged and bound in the hands of a Thayan slaver. They were freed and brought back to town, except for the slaver who ended up bleeding out on the floor. It turned out Leto doesn’t like slavery very much…

After going back to Wheloon, our heroes decided to found the mysterious woman who had sold Talf and Elon into slavery. Through a combination of luck and guile, a honeypot operation was successful in bringing out Kizzaf, the red wizard responsible for the kidnapping. She was defeated and promptly brought back to the authorities. The Thayan enclave leader, Hinnar seemed grateful that the illegal extracurricular actions of her underling have been exposed and was anxious to maintain good relations with the town, and the heroes.

Welcome to Wheloon

Our adventurers foiled a goblin attack on the small trading town of Wheloon in Cormyr and found the reason behind the attacks, a stolen artifact the goblin shaman wanted for a ritual. The shaman was dealt with through proven methods, such as warhammer to the face and quarterstaff to the ribs. Loot was found and a shiny new adventuring charter awarded to the heroes.

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